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NowaTech offers a 10 year. guarantee

Superior strength and quality wrapped up in premium building products. Nowa Tech products are incredibly tough, UV resistant, light-weight, green and recyclable. Suitable for commercial, industrial and residential use.

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Welcome, we are Nowa Tech

Nowa Tech (Pty) Ltd is an established South African wood polymer composite (WPC) manufacturer, with exceptional experience in the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) technology.

Our passion for the planet and its people fuelled our rigorous research, development and field testing, to launch the only locally manufactured PVC / WPC product range for building applications.

With two decades of demonstrated quality in installations and experience in PVC WPC we can confidently deliver on our ten-year guarantee. We believe in continuous improvement through innovation, and we consistently invest in research and development to provide enhanced products to our customers.

Our products deliver solutions that are durable, environmentally friendly, and most of all, optimise our customers’ project costs, reducing wastage and saving time. From building and home improvement products through to the public and transport sectors, we deliver smartly.

Nowa Tech provides long-lasting products to our customers while fostering an unwavering focus on restoring a sustainable environment for all of us and future generations.

Why choose Nowa Tech?

Our products are recycled, environmentally friendly and focussed on sustainability. We manufacture locally which means you have direct access to support on any of our products. In addition our products also offer the following benefits:

  • Superior strength making it ideal for a variety of applications.
  • Significant reduction in breakages during transport and installation, saving you money.
  • Superior weathering and water resistance, ideal for the African sun as well as coastal applications.
  • Environmentally-friendly WPC using recycled Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and wood shavings making it strong and durable.
  • Suitable for commercial, residential and industrial applications with low maintenance.
  • Peace of mind that our quality is 10 year factory guaranteed.
  • Standard lengths in line with industry norms are available from stock, with custom lengths on volume orders available on request, allowing for a reduction in wastage and installation time.
  • Light weight.
  • Fire retardant.
  • UV stabilised.

NowaTech is UV resistant, light-weight, recycled and recyclable

Our Products

NowaDeck Plank

NowaDeck is manufactured in South Africa and offers local factory support. It is available in two profiles and four beautiful colours that complement any home or commercial area. The brushed non-slip surface is maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, insect resistant and UV stabilised for the African Sun. Download the brochure to read more about this elegant product.


NowaFascia Board 2.0

Like all our products, NowaFascia boards 2.0 are environmentally friendly and have extensively fewer breakages when transported and installed. NowaFacia boards 2.0 are locally manufactured, allowing you to order custom lengths resulting in material, and labour cost saving as jointers are not required. The exterior is brushed and ready for two coats of good quality roof paint with no primer required. Read more about NowaFascia Boards 2.0 by downloading the brochure.


NowaBarge Board 2.0

NowaBarge Board 2.0 is an environmentally-friendly Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) wood composite product with superior strength which results in substantially fewer breakages. NowaBarge is Agrément Certified and has excellent weathering qualities. We supply custom lengths on volume orders to prevent the need for joiners saving on material and labour cost. Read more about this product in the downloadable brochure.


Environmental Commitment

Nowa Tech provides long-lasting products to our customers worldwide while fostering an unwavering focus on restoring a sustainable environment for all of us and future generations.

NowaTech is UV resistant, light-weight, recycled and recyclable

Why choose PVC

PVC is one of the hardest thermoform plastics and is widely used in applications where increased rigidity, strength and endurance are required. It is inherently fire retardant and is highly recyclable. Of all the plastics used in WPC applications, PVC is the most durable, enduring and weather resistant.

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    NowaTech is Agrément certified
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